Nike paid only $35 for their iconic “Swoosh” logo. Graphic Designer Carolyn Davidson was later compensated with stock options.

Logo Design

An effective logo design may consist of both an icon and the company name to emphasize the name over the graphic, and employ a unique design via the use of letters, colors and graphic elements. A logo will drive everything a company represents and because of this, Broz treats a well-designed logo as the most important thing a company can do.

For over 20 years Broz has been designing logos for clients and many are still in use today. Creating a timeless, classic logo can be a challenge. The wrong font can ruin a perfectly designed icon just as a trendy color scheme can outdate an otherwise great logo.

Broz stays current with trends so as to avoid any pitfalls when designing a logo. This helps produce a design for a client that will withstand the test of time.


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